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The TweenNick collection is very eclectic, yet it has some common threads. It includes graphic designs that feature "Bob Squared" - a fresh, more artistic perspective of SpongeBob and "SimplyBob" - using orange coral graphics and seaflower shapes, featuring a silhouetted SpongeBob SquarePants and SLIME! Beds are the focal point of the TweenNick collection, and the modular components and unique functional and interactive features will allow tweens to personalize their rooms. Close the curtains on the girl's suite or the boy's loft and your tween can have some much needed downtime and privacy. Add in a nesting chaise, mobile futon or a rocker chair, and it becomes the place to hang out with friends. Orange drawer pulls, glow-in-the-dark accents and stylized and silhouetted SpongeBob SquarePants graphics make the room an exciting place to be. Awesome Accent chests with funky shapes combined with allover graphics or touches of dripping glow-in-the-dark SLIME! will add a bit of rebellious irreverence to any room. Packed with plenty of storage and display places, TweenNick from Nickelodeon Rooms fits the way tweens live.